15th NYSORA Presentations

Friday Presentations:

Peripheral Blocks: Upper & Lower Extremity and 3D Anatomy – Admir Hadzic

Saturday Presentations:

Anticoagulation & Peripheral Blocks: What is the Evidence and Do We Always Have to Adhere to Society Guidelines – Michael Barrington

Continuous Nerve Block Infusion Relative Importance of Volume, Infusion Rate, Concentration, Bolus, and Total Drug Dose – Steven Orebaugh

Demystifying Pecs and Serratus Blocks do they Really Work and How – Michael Barrington

How to Set Up Regional Anesthesia Service in Private Practice – Admir Hadzic

Innervation of the Knee-Hip Joints of Relevance to Clinical Practice in Regional Anesthesia – Steven Orebaugh

Local Anesthetics Systemic Toxicity & Modern Day Risks and Treatment Algorithm – Guy Weinberg

Specific Distal PNB’s Protocols for Hand and Foot Surgery – Admir Hadzic

The Role of Regional Anesthesia in the Perioperative Surgical Home – Alexandru Visan

The Truth About the Value of Additives to Local Anesthetics – Matthias Desmet

TKR The Truth About Femoral Nerve Blocks, Fascia Iliaca, Adductor Canal & Femoral Triangle Blocks – Thomas Bendtsen

Total Knee Replacement Best Practices for Post Operative Analgesia Demystified – Thomas Bendtsen

Total Knee Replacement: Best Practices for Postoperative Analgesia Demystified & Best Multimodal Protocols – Jeff Gadsden

Ultrasound-Guided Local Anesthetic Tissue Infiltration Techniques for Postoperative Analgesia – Jeff Gadsden

Ultrasound-Guided Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Workshop – Karen Boretsky

Update on Liposome Bupivacine – Admir Hadzic

Sunday Presentations:

15 Years of NYSORA’s Annual Symposium: NYSORA Past, Present & Future – Admir Hadzic

Emergency Ultrasonography – Thomas Bendtsen

Fascia Iliaca, TAP and Quadratus Lumborum Blocks Demystified & Clinical Utility and Techniques – Matthias Desmet

Paravertebral Blocks: An Update – Barys Ihnatsenka

Regional Anesthesia and Expedited Recovery Protocols – Christopher L. Wu

Regional Anesthesia Publications of Most Significance to Clinical Practice – Admir Hadzic

Surprise, Surprise: Where do Catheters and Local Anesthetics Go – Philippe Gutier

Tough Cases in Regional Anesthesia – Admir Hadzic

Ultrasound of the Stomach & Airway – Thomas Bendtsen

Understanding Surgical Home & Role of Regional Anesthesia – Alexandru Visan